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SMS-Delivery will satisfy all your SMS marketing requirements!

Reliable and Affordable Bulk SMS Solutions

  • Great rates on prepaid bulk SMS
  • Upload and manage your contact lists
SMS Services

With a coverage of 819 Networks in  221 Countries 

MailBIT offer over all mobile marketing solution including 

- SMS Broadcasting 
- Mobile Coupon
- Customized SMS
- Web 2 Mobile Solution
- 2 way SMS campaigns 
- Wap Developement 

Increase Sales with Higher Resposnse Rate:
SMS is an extremely personal means of communication, and invariably an SMS is viewed
immediately and the whole message read. This high level of attention induces a higher call-toaction
response rate than email or fax typically would.

Reduce Marketing Cost:
As a communications medium, SMS is the most cost-effective way of communicating to any mobile audience.
Data is transmitted at a fraction of a voice call; costs that bulk buying can reduce even further.

Reach More Customers:
SMS texting reaches more than 3 billion mobile phones. More people can be reached via SMS than internet, email or fax. Using a reliable SMS gateway with global reach also allows access to recipients at any time, anyplace and at the cost of a local message.

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